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Meet Jói (“yo-e”)


Jói is a game developer


He has worked as

Public relations, Quality Assurance, Game Designer, Artist and more


for cool projects like


QuizUp – Plain Vanilla Games
Quality Assurance – Customer Support – Game Design – Web Development


Godsrule – Gogogic ehf & Sega
Lead Quality Assurance – Game Desinger – Public Relations


Tiny Places – Gogogic ehf & Big Fish Games
Lead Quality Assurance – Game Desinger – Level Designer – Technical Artist


Forgotten Hope 2 – FHDevs
Game Desiger – Public Relations – Artist – Project Management
FH2 is an award winning World War II modification for Battlefield 2.

  • Game Designer, worked on revising gameplay elements
  • Community Manager, supervised news updates and focused on interesting new players. FH2 was awarded the Mod of the Year award the same year.
  • Testing Supervisor, organized and lead test sessions of an international team of testers.
  • Promotional Artist, worked on promotional art for releases as well as ads and banners.


Icelandic Game Industry
Co Founder – Event Organizer – Public Relations – Web Designer
IGI is an organization dedicated to increase knowledge sharing, raise local awareness and create a venue for added industry support.

  • Board member.
  • Organized a Unity Community Event on behalf of IGI and Reykjavík University.
  • Organized and presented a couple of IGI Game Development Competitions.
  • Organized and presented monthly meetups for over 2 years.
  • Co-founded the organization and participated in shaping it’s purpose and goals.