Meet Jói (“yo-e”)


Jói is an independent game developer
But he’s also very clever in a lot of other things


In fact, he has worked as

Public relations, Quality Assurance, Game Designer, Artist and more


for cool projects like


GoNNER – Heart in Art & Raw Fury

Web Design


Kingdom – Noio, Licorice & Raw Fury

Quality Assurance – Web Design


QuizUp – Plain Vanilla Games

Quality Assurance – Game Design – Customer Support – Web Development


Godsrule – Gogogic ehf & Sega

Lead Quality Assurance – Game Desing – Public Relations

Tiny Places – Gogogic ehf &  Big Fish Games

Lead Quality Assurance – Game Design – Level Design – Technical Art

Forgotten Hope 2 – FHDevs

Game Design – Public Relations  – Artist  – Project Management

Icelandic Game Industry

Co-Founder – Event Organizer – Public Relations – Web Design

with cool people like

whom you should totally work with!

Marco Bancale

Game designer, master programmer and a developer of Kingdom.

Einar Másson

Freelance artist, writer, and the talented creator of the illustrations of Jói!

Torfi Asgeirsson

Game designer, master programmer and all around a clever guy.